How a honey business changed this teen’s life — and is transforming a poverty-stricken community

A teen girl holding Bee-Life Brand soaps in her hands.
Edgar stands wearing a t-shirt with the Bee-Life logo on it.
Edgar is a Compassion-sponsored teen from Mexico.

An innovative new idea

Historically, the bakery workshop had been the most successful workshop offered by this Compassion centre in Mexico. While it was tempting to continue only with what was working, Compassion staff decided to innovate and try new and unique initiatives that could have a social impact on their community. So, they started offering a honey product workshop with the goal of making products to sell. They received guidance from specialists and invested in beekeeping. Before long, Bee-Life Brand was born.

Bee-Life products displayed on a wooden surface.

Youth entrepreneurship

In two years, Bee-Life has sold around 500 hand soaps, using most of the profit to reinvest in the business. It’s also provided income for the four teens to help support their families.

A bright future in the midst of COVID-19

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bee-Life has become even more important to Edgar, his family and his community. “It’s a blessing to be part of church during these difficult times. Thanks to Bee-Life, my sister and I can work and feel useful. I feel calm and safe,” Edgar says.

Edgar has his arm around Estrella’s shoulders. They are both wearing Bee-Life t-shirts.
Edgar and Estrella pose together in Bee-Life t-shirts.



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